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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Porn Stories - Short Sex Fun At Net Cafe Xxx - Porn Story , Erotic Stories , Xxx Stories , English Adult Stories , Porn Stories - Short Sex Fun At Net Cafe Xxx , Hallo Dear Friends Cute, This is the real incident happen between me and my mobile friend Kavita I’m from Haridwar. I read many stories some stories are real incident and some stories are fake stories but this is the real incident. Am DJ 28 male from Haridwar. I’m not looking like handsome and all and am looking like a normal height and weight person only and my cock also medium only. I am doing job.This incident happen few months back.

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Porn Stories - First And Fresh Experience In Party Sex

Porn Stories - Short Sex Fun At Net Cafe Xxx

Actually Kavita is my mobile friend whom I get her friendship by dialing wrong number. I came to know that I’m dialing wrong number I immediately cut the call. Within few min am getting call by the same number and ask about who is this. I said that am wrongly called and ask sorry regarding this. Then she inquired about me and my details. After that am also ask about her details she said that her name is Kavita doing her M.C.A first year like that then

I’m getting very happy to get the unknown girl as my friend I have friend’s girls and boys. But the thing is all are consider me as good boy even more I can’t able to speak some personal and that type hot things also. So am also acted like am good boy, because I don’t like to spoil my image also. So I’m so happy about to get her friendship and starting to sending messages. Then after I slowly ask about her personal life she also asks about my personal. Then she asked any bad habits

You have like that then I said am not smoker and drinker I have only one bad habit. Then she asked what that is. I hesitate to say that and changed some other topic but she insisted me to say what that is. Then I said I masturbate some times while seeing BF’s or reading some hot stories. She said what’s wrong in that everyone in this age is like that she said. Then am ask her have you seen any that type movies or read that type of stories like that. She first said no then I forced her to say the truth. Please read more..??

Porn Stories - First And Fresh Experience In Party Sex - Xxx Stories , Adult Stories , Nude Stories , Naked Stories , Porn Stories - First And Fresh Experience In Party Sex , Hi guys how are you? Hope everyone fine with hot dear and near ones. I'm Shiva writing my first story and first experience for readers please forgive me poor English.

Porn Stories - First And Fresh Experience In Party Sex

This was happened 2 years ago I can’t say the exact date. This incident happened in my friend’s sister marriage in Chennai. I'm living in Chennai. Her name is Rubini, she too living in Chennai. Both of us stay different area of Chennai. We meet in weekends; spend time in roaming together in beach, theater and so on. We meet only on weekends nothing between us until her elder sister marriage. Before incident something about her she always wears salwar kameez.

She always hot in that dress, even if she wear T-shirt n jeans. I don't know exact size of her. Her vital size is 34-26-36. Both are working private company. We have not much time to share everything. We spoke n chat maximum via mobile only. One incident happened before her sister marriage. We both went for purchase clothes in T.Nagar, after my purchase. We both went buy dress for ruby (my gf). We went salwar kameez section.

There she went first, I followed her. It’s regular from when we both start talking. While she was choosing the dress, my eyes busy around watching girls. She suddenly saw me n pinched in my hand. Then only I back to normal. After much confusion at last she selected one dress. I thank God for Choosing dress within in an hour. Next as u think, she went to trial room to wear her tops. She came out in new selected tops. She looking hot, with low neck n transparency dress.

On that day she wear only lace bra alone. The dress revel her body structure. I saw her with lust in my eyes. Thought it’s a public place I went very close n tell ruby you’re looking damn hot.

She told shut up Shiva. And she went to trial room and back to normal. We purchased that dress n left to shop. Already time is 9pm. I have some work in my house. So I planned to leave. But she told I want reach my house as soon as possible. She pleased me drop her in house. Please read more...?
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